Message from CEO Ken Tamagawa

Soracom provides the IoT platform SORACOM to achieve our vision of "Connecting people and things around the world to a resonant society".

SORACOM launched in Japan in 2015 and serves over 20,000 customers and connects over six million devices around the world. There are many examples, such as the Poketalk translator, the LUUP electric kickboard, the LOVOT robot that lives with humans, and Space Hotaru, which reads gas meter usage. Customers all over the world, including in Japan, the US and Europe, are using SORACOM to innovate by themselves.

Our focus is always on providing the best possible service from the customer's point of view. For this reason, we focus on recruiting professionals in all areas, including engineers, sales, solution architects, marketing and corporate.

We have also been building a high performing agile team with multicultural members who have the same views as our vision, culture and services and want to grow globally with our customers.

There are still many challenges that can be solved by technology to create a sustainable society. If every society, community and people can utilize technology to help society evolve for the better, there will be more challenges to solve.

We will continue to take on the challenge of delivering constantly evolving technology to our customers in the form of user friendly platform services, with the mission of "democratising technology"

We would like to work with you who are interested in supporting our customers' innovations around the world.

Ken Tamagawa


Technology Evangelist and Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Technical Sales & Consulting / Research& Development Wearable Computer, IBM

ME Mechano-Informatics, The University of Tokyo, MBA & MSE Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University