We will answer frequently asked questions about recruitment.

Interview Process

How many interviews do you have?

First to third interviews, then final selection. The number of times varies depending on the position, but we are planning 4 to 6 times.
We would like you to meet and talk with as many members as possible before joining the company. It is such a style to eliminate the gap after joining the company as much as possible.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

If you are interested in multiple positions, prioritize and We will proceed with the selection in order from the first choice.

I was not selected previously, can I apply again?

For similar positions that have been applied in the past, we will accept applications after one year from the last entry. Other positions can be applied regardless of the time.


Do I need to match all the requirements of the job posting?

While there are some essential skills required for the job, if you do not match all of the requirements, but have a high level of expertise in one or more areas, we would like you to try.

Is experience in the telecommunications industry or IoT required?

Some of our current members have no IoT experience, but they have diverse backgrounds, including experience in other IT solutions and other industries, as well as various specialties required for each position.

How much do you use English?

At Soracom, we have multicultural members and some positions require frequent use of English.
We welcome people who are willing to take on challenges in a positive manner, even if you do not have English skills now. The company also offers a support system for English conversation expenses, which is being utilized by some of current members.

Is a college degree or higher degree required?

Any educational background is acceptable.

Can I apply from areas far from Tokyo?

Full remote is available within Japan (with some exceptions such as sales, marketing, etc.)


How long does the interview take?

Basically 45 minutes for each interview. (In some cases, such as presentation tests may 60 minutes.)

Is there a dress code for interviews?

Interviewers will also be dressed relatively casually, please wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

Can I attend the interview from my home? (Remote area)

Basically all interviews are conducted online, so you can participate from your home.


Do you hold company orientations?

We hold several events mainly for engineers and solutions architects.

Is it possible to discuss which position is right for me before I apply?

Casual interviews with recruiters and hiring managers are available. Please feel free to contact us.

Is there a specified format for applications?

There is no specified format. Please submit your resume in Japanese (Resume and CV) or English (Resume).
Please include any past experience or skills that you would like to make use of the position for which you are applying.